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How Eye Position in Your Putting Setup Will Affect Your Success

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When something becomes distorted, it looks out of shape or simply not as it really appears.  This is what happens when a golfer has his eyes either too far inside the golf ball or too far outside the golf ball at address before putting.  

Eyes Too Far Inside the Golf Ball

If a golfer has his eyes too far inside the ball it causes his line to the hole to become distorted.  The line the eyes actually see looks to be right of the desired line to a right-handed player and left of the line to a left-handed player.  

Eyes Too Far Outside the Golf Ball

If a golfer has his eyes too far outside the ball it causes the opposite effect.  A right-hander’s line will appear to be left of the desired line and a left-hander’s line will appear to be right of the desired line.  

Eyes Just Inside or Directly Over the Golf Ball

The eyes need to be just inside or directly over the golf ball when looking down on the ball at address.  This gives the golfer an accurate view of the desired line on which to start the putt. 

I have my students address their golf ball and remain still.  I then drop a second ball from just below their eyes and see where it strikes the ground in relation to the their ball position. 

This gives a starting point to adjust eye position if needed.  Just as in other sports, attention to detail is very important.  In this case, what you see is probably what you are going to get.

Read more about this topic here. Let me know if you try this and if it improves your putting. Thanks for reading.

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