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Putting Setup and Visualizing Putting Lines

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Establishing a comfortable, balanced putting setup and being able to accurately visualize the proper line are vital to good putting. They go hand in hand because proper setup helps establish good eye position, which in turn allows for better visualization of the correct putting line.

Body Position In Putting Setup

Address the golf ball in your putting stance and when comfortable with your position, remove your front hand and move it toward the hole. Move it back to the grip.  

Now remove your back hand and move it directly away from the hole. Move it also back to the putter grip. When replacing your hands on the putter grip, you should not feel as if you had to reach outward to re-establish your grip on the putter. 

If you had to reach, move a little closer to the golf ball. If you had to move your hands toward your body when replacing them, move away from the ball a little. 

Use trial and error until a comfortable, natural position is achieved.

Head Position

Most good putters will have their chin and their forehead pretty level in their putting stance. I tell my students, “face down/chin up.” This tends to level the chin and forehead, which enhances good eye position.

Lead Eye Position

Your lead eye should be just behind the back edge of the golf ball and just inside the inside edge of the ball.

Start here and use trial and error to establish your preference in eye position. 

Many times, proper body position and head position will have you already close to the position. You may feel more comfortable with eyes slightly more inside the golf ball or slightly farther back. Find your preference.

Good Putting Is Visualization

Good putters can visualize the line of each putt dot to dot and roll the golf ball connecting the dots as it goes to the hole. They take time to get looks at the putt from all angles and visualize break. 

Once they trust their line, they connect the dots. Some players use an actual line on their ball. This also allows the player to trust the line and concentrate more on stroke and speed of the putt. Once again, this is a preference.


As in many other aspects of one’s golf game, preference is very important. To establish your preferences, simply take some time and apply trial and error. 

Establish your process and trust it! It will be yours and it will be unique. Even if you miss a few putts, stay the course. Don’t start making wholesale changes in your process. You have to believe you are just one putt from being back on track. 

Always be positive and practice with tougher consequences than you will face in an actual round if possible. This will strengthen your mental toughness and self image and make you a stronger putter.

For additional help, visit your local PGA professional. And please share and let me know if you tried this and how it improved your game.

For more information about putting, read How Eye Position in Your Putting Setup Will Affect Your Success.

Keep in touch. Hope this helps your game. Thanks for reading!

Sharing is caring!

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