About Rieke Stewart, PGA Professional

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Coaching Inspiration

My name is Rieke (pronounced Ricky) aka Coach Stewart.  My introduction to the game of golf began on a small 9 hole golf course with my brother and and my dad when I was a young boy. 

Pops was an American Legion Baseball coach who loved golf.  He played almost every day.  If Dad wasn’t coaching or working, he was playing golf. 

He inspired me to become a teacher and coach. I coached and taught in public schools in Arkansas for 35 years before retiring.  He also led my brother and me to become lifetime players of the great game of golf. 

Rieke (Coach) hurdling

Excelled by Hard Work

I excelled in athletics in high school.  I was a four-sport letterman which included football, baseball, basketball and track.  My coaches instilled in me the importance of attention to detail and hard work. 

I played on a State Championship football team, District Championship baseball teams and finished third in the High School State Decathlon my senior year. 

We were not fortunate to have golf at the school I attended.  I graduated from Harding University, where I played baseball for 4 years.  

football coach
Coach Stewart

Desire for Knowledge of Golf to Coach Students

My final 5 years of coaching in high school led me down a path that would be life changing.  I became the high school golf coach.  I wanted to be able to instruct my players as I was able to in all the other sports I had coached for so many years.  I wanted to make sure what I was teaching them was correct.

The Head Professional at the club at which we practiced and played told me I should become a member of the PGA.  I said, and I quote, “What is that?”.  He explained a little about it and left it at that. 

Within two months I had researched it, paid for my entrance exam and passed it with a 91%.  When I told him what I had done, he almost passed out!  I went through all three levels and passed my PAT in five and a half years. 

PGA Membership

I was voted into membership in March of 2018.  I am presently an assistant golf professional at the private country club in our city.  Coaching led me to become a Class A member of the PGA of America.  Thus my blog name, Coach the Golf Pro!

Signing the PAT card

In 2019, I had the good fortune of becoming a member of the TaylorMade Staff at the country club where I am employed.  This has been helpful to me in the areas of club fitting and giving advice about golf products.   

I had several of the instructors throughout all levels of becoming a PGA professional who insisted I use my coaching knowledge from other sports to become a better golf instructor.  This was some of the best advice I received. 

Analyzing athletes in every sport I coached  over such a long period of time enhanced my ability to watch them and fix their flaws.  It is very much the same when analyzing my golf students.  I love the challenge. 

I hope you enjoy the blog and find it helpful along your journey to become a better golfer. 

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